Giant Clam Shell 22 Inch White Gray Clamshell Seashell

Giant Clam Shell 22 Inch White Gray Clamshell Seashell



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Giant Clam Shell 22 Inch White Gray Clamshell Seashell is a beautiful reproduction clam shell measuring an immense twenty-two inches across. This enormous seashell is hand painted, hand cast from a real giant clamshell mold, the clam shell is poured from concrete (seriously rock hard), and each handmade clamshell takes 4 weeks to make from start to finish. Great for a water feature, sink base, or planter, this clam shell can endure indoor and outdoor exposure, and constant contact with water. This Clam Shell has Beautiful Grey and White Coloring, features realistic-looking barnacles cast on the outside of the shell and looks and feels just like a genuine giant clam shell from a giant clam, also known as Tridacna gigas. The giant clam has been misunderstood in times past as if often the case with uncharacteristically large species (giant clams were once called killer clams or man-eating clams, and older versions of the U.S. Navy Diving Manual even included detailed instructions for freeing oneself from is grasp)! Today giant clams are found in shallow coral reefs of the South Pacific and Indian oceans, and these large clams can grow up to 440lbs in the wild!. The clam shell is shown alone and as a planter so that you might see the collosal scale and dimension of this giant shell. Clam Shell measures 22" Wide, 13" Long, 7" Tall, and the inside depth of this seashell is 5". Giant Clam Shell weighs approximately 14 pounds.

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