Liquid Ass Fart Spray - Nasty Foul Gas Smell Prank Joke



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 Authentic butt crack smell in a spray bottle, Liquid Ass is a nasty, foul smelling effective fart bomb prank in a spray bottle. As its name suggests, Liquid Ass has nasty stink which lasts- one spray is already too much! A funny prank joke to play in the office, or a great gag gift to give to a friend or family member who is hard2shop4 and has a great sense of humor, this fart spray will stink anywhere you spray it. Spray it in your coworkers office, in the elevator, on the bus, on a telephone receiver, or anywhere else you want to create an unbelievable foul stench of gas and make a funny unbearable prank joke. Imagine someone trying to talk on the phone while smelling the foul stink of liquid ass! What would your co-worker do if you sprayed a bit on the mouse at his computer? Spray a few squirts on the bus or subway and sit back and watch the joke unfold! Spray a bit on the annoying guy next to you at the bar who is hitting on the girl you want to talk to. The smell of this fart spray literally brings tears to the eyes, and is sure to be worth your purchase. This funny fart prank spray comes in a 1oz bottle with cover- use sparingly! One squirt stinks up an elevator. 2 squirts on your buddy's car seat and he'll be driving home with the windows open. Liquid Ass Fart Spray ships brand new in manufacturer's packaging, with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, ready for you to create the perfect fart prank.



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